Monsardi Collection - By Gonzabell

Second prize for innovation CEP-AEP Awards 2009

AEP awards prizes CEP-2009

The Confederation of Employers of Pontevedra (CEP) and the Associação Empresarial de Portugal (AEP), convened in the framework of the Centre for Transboundary Cooperation and Business Services - CECOTRAN - CEP-AEP Awards, in recognition of the work conducted by Small and Medium Enterprises and Institutions, located in the area of the Galicia-North Portugal.

Gonzabell, SL was worthy of consolation prize for the Innovation Awards AEP CEP-2009. Following is the full text of mention:

Second prize for Innovation 2009: Gonzabell SL

Company with over 40 years old, founded by Clara Abelleira Fontan, initially as individual business and eventually became limited liability company under the name of Gonzabell, SL

Located in Pontevedra, manufactures and markets multi-department stores and shops, with a staff of 20 direct and 78 indirect employees.

The company specializes in the production of knitted clothing outside, tailoring of women online, incorporating many special finished fabrics.

Innovation Projects Developed:

  • Greenway: reforestation project supported embankments Textile Tepes.
  • Tex Hydro-Clean: cleaning project on oil spills at sea with a textile backing.
  • Cement-Inifug: draft retardant polyamide formwork and exterior cladding of columns and panels to withstand the high temperatures in cement in case of fire.
  • Tex-Sodium: gauze project as a shock to burn for heat agent.
  • Armand Text: draft polyamide high tensile mechanical cement fiber soul.
  • Chassis-Tex: draft carbonized polyamide high mechanical tensile strength body panels of motor vehicles, reducing vehicle weight, lower consumption, acquiring high impact resistance and mechanical traction.

He was awarded for its special innovative and successful integration with the resources are there in the company, initiating a series of projects related to tissues and new applications. The result of this effort on R & D + i, the company has launched innovative projects mentioned above.