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Gonzabell, traditional fashion to textiles technology

[Article extracted from Pontevedra Enterprise Magazine No 239 (March-April 2010), published by the Confederation of Employers of Pontevedra .]

The I + D + i has been cut Gonzabell and clothing to the construction, automotive and aerospace

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When tightening the nuts crisis we are forced to seek a new outlet for drowning. This formula is known by heart in Gonzabell SL, Pontevedra a textile company with over 40 years old.

The firm specializes in the production and manufacture of knitted exterior lines and tailoring and dressmaking for women. It is dedicated to the design and manufacture of tailored jackets, windbreakers, jackets, coats, pants, skirts and sweaters, with two annual collections (Spring / Summer / Fall-Winter). The marketing of garments is carried out through Monsardi brand, distributed in department stores throughout Spain, and Klara Mons boutique, located in the city of Pontevedra. Today is opening its market to the rest of Europe, especially Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

He recently made the leap from the traditional field of fashion research and development of innovative fabrics, with applications beyond clothing.

The opportunities for change

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It is not just a simple upgrade, but a qualitative transformation in any rule that will allow them to significantly improve their competitiveness and even thrive in the foreign market if it takes full advantage of the potential for new products and patents. The I + D + i has been cut Gonzabell and clothing to the construction, automotive and aerospace industry. Clara and Lisardo González Abelleira, are the owners of the company. Lisardo textile engineer, explains that the idea of betting on technology tissues was born some five years in the search for solutions to the crisis that has long affected the Galician sector because the fierce competition from low cost producing countries such as China and Morocco, which has forced the closure to take many SMEs in Galicia. "The most useful, although time consuming and expensive to protect our jobs is to innovate and invest in technological research to create new products," says González, who is also director of the R + D + i.

Innovative Textiles

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Gonzabell, a family business with 28 employees Pontevedra direct and 78 indirect, has been able to create for itself a number of innovative products in the field of technical textiles, investing in technology and research effort. This SME has developed from R + D + i, six different product lines.

The first, called Arm-Tex, can reinforce concrete structures against possible earthquakes. It consists of a fabric made out of cement, textile fibers, and counts among its properties with a very high resistance to mechanical stress viable structures that have to withstand major earthquakes. It is made of carbon fiber containing highly resistant polyamides.

This new material, which is still being tested, has achieved positive results, so companies in the construction industry have been interested in him.

Until now we have been testing on beams of a meter in diameter, but have reached an agreement with the School of Civil Engineers, Canales y Puertos of the University of A Coruña , to begin the second phase and laboratory tests. In this initiative, Lisardo González also works hand in hand with their two children, Lisardo, civil engineer and technical infrastructure, and David, who is an architect.

Manto Verde, and called another project of the company, is based on highly durable fabrics (known as support
Textile Tepes) used for restocking of dumps and landfills. It is used as a kind of tapestry that is tucked in the seed and to facilitate revegetation of the areas in which it is implanted.

The Galician company has already registered a national patent, and is in the process to obtain the international license. It is also waiting for some aid by the government since the consolidation of this project involves a huge investment of money, family businesses can not afford alone.

Variety of applications

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"The world of textiles is very wide, there are many more applications than fashion: recreation, industry, pharmacy ... The companies we have visited with disparate needs. Stainless steel fabric with features for seats antibandalismo subway in New York, mattress covers or surfboards, metal mesh to cover wine bottles, covers for pocket antibacterial ham, support tissues such as streetlights ... "

A light that tells us Lisardo González, not surprisingly, has in its portfolio of innovation projects a range of initiatives:

  • Hydro-Clean Tex: Textile support for the cleaning of oil spills at sea.
  • Cement-retardant: Flame retardant polyamide fabric formwork and exterior cladding of columns and plates, designed to withstand the high temperatures in cement in case of fire.
  • Tex-Sodium: gauze material used as an element of shock thermal burn agent. It is designed for application in the same time of the accident, without having to wait for the arrival at the health center. This thermal blanket could save many lives due to burns of second and third grade.
  • Chassis-Tex: draft carbonized polyamide high mechanical tensile strength body panels of motor vehicles, reducing both the car's weight and energy consumption.
  • Tex-bottom: fabric supported catalyst metal contaminants such as lead or mercury to clean seabed, wetlands, ponds or water in quarries.
  • Tubu-Tex: Textile pipe underground irrigation by reverse osmosis and water storage, to overcome the limitations due to slope conditions.

This innovative and diversified firm commitment to R & D + i as a business strategy, earned recognition Gonzabell consolation prize for the Innovation Awards AEP CEP-Border Cooperation , on 27 November.

Commitment sociomedioambiental

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"In Gonzabell give preference to projects related to climate change, energy conservation, prevention of natural disasters and pollution solutions to water scarcity," notes its director, who consider their most successful projects are always those that feed back into society.

Although working from the fields to best dominate (textile engineering, civil engineering and architecture) in a near future expect to strengthen other areas incorporating his team of R & D & I experts in chemistry, pharmacy or science of the sea.

The search for new ideas is continuous: the technical team meets every fortnight to assess the ongoing projects and to propose
and analyze the feasibility of new ones.

"In the Galician textile all living in a time of euphoria focusing solely on the promotion of fashion, that globalization forced to change business patterns favoring large groups such as Inditex at the expense of multi-brand stores."

"It's time to pay attention that it deserves the opportunity we offer technical textiles, as I have for years been doing in countries like Germany or France," said Lisardo González.


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