Monsardi Collection - By Gonzabell

Review Autumn-Winter 2010-11

Fall Winter Collection 2010-2011 of MONSARDI presents a major coordination with the superposition of bulky items and assemblies of fantasy with elements of bright, lick, iridescent crystal.

Sweaters and garments made of thick gauge jackets, clothing for sportswear collections, microfiber Leggings, tunics with large volumes, skirts, wool suit jacket with marked size, the importance of fine gauge knitted dresses and structural, coats, sweater type kangourou, unstructured jackets, Pulls long to wear with style pants battle, Twinset, associate wearing trench coats, t-shirts.

Wide range fabrics: drapery, compact, double-sided, jersey, wevenit, structural, Jacquard prints.

Tweed a real spark with fantasy Weaving or Jacquard prints, prints by using wireless technology techniques melange, with woolen knitting, creating optical illusions and a chromatic vibrations.

Glases aspects to provide a modern urban classic influence of technology, finishing stretch, giving a sophistication.

Materials using 100% felted wool, fine wool, baby alpaca, scratches, micro fiber, mohair, cotton-wool-cashmere.

It gives emphasis on the opposition fantasy effects of substances with feminine touches, superfine wool with the counterpoint of a frosted glow astrakhan or playing with the materials to give engamados optical effects.

Common Denominator brands looking to create volume and give comfort wrap, overlapping point on point.

The color palette range commitment MONSARDI Blue, Urban Grey, natural colors, tan, mustard.