Monsardi Collection - By Gonzabell

Gonzabell history

In 1970, Clara Abelleira Fontan founded MONSARDI brand in Pontevedra, Spain, a city in which the Company starts up its knitwear handmade manufacturer for ladies, based on tailor-made and sewn clothes.

Afterwards the trade firm was changed to form the private corporation Gonzabell during the 80s, being present her children from those beginnings; today the generational relief.

In these almost 40 years we have achieved a know-how, handling the secrets and skills at a fast-pace business. The maximum quality of the products is always sought through the best raw prime, fabrics, spinning and a polished care over the finishes.

The company is in constant evolution and innovation in order to be in the vanguard of the sector, it is equipped with qualified personnel and a R&D department.

Our approach to quality design has generated an excellent public response thorough the changing market demands. Gonzabell operates in all the productive process: textile design selecting fine thread counts, embellishing fabrics, making the weaving, manufacturing and distribution.

Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer collections are exhibited in showrooms by our account managers.

Gonzabell´s clothes can be found in multi-brand retailers and shopping centers from Spain, Portugal, France and Mexico. Always thinking to guarantee customer satisfaction.